Michael Yudelevich M.D.,BCPA

Empowering Patients and Families to Take Control of their Health

I’m Michael Yudelevich, your independent Patient Advocate. With my expertise, I can help you make the best-informed decisions for you or your loved one, navigate the healthcare system, and achieve optimal health outcomes.

My Story Starts in early 2015

As a medical intern I became frustrated with the way the medical system treats patients. Too often, appointments are rushed and confusing insurance coverage leaves patients feeling powerless. To make matters worse, money is often prioritized over the patient’s best interests. This approach simply isn’t working, and I want to be part of the change.

My focus is on empowering patients to make informed healthcare decisions based on their individual needs. I strive to educate, listen and communicate with everyone involved in the patient’s care, always with empathy and patience. I research and identify treatment options, understand insurance benefits, and provide support with insurance billing, pharmacy benefits management, medical bill review and negotiation, and general case management.

Mission and Core Values

My mission is to empower individuals to navigate the healthcare system with confidence, so they can make the best possible decisions regarding their treatment and care. My vision is for a world where every individual has an understanding of their personal healthcare information, so they can make informed decisions about their health.

At the core of my work are my values: Compassion, Empathy, Respect, Transparency, and Accountability. I believe that by embodying these values, I can help patients and their families to feel supported, informed, and empowered.

Thank you for considering my services. I look forward to working with you to achieve your healthcare goals.

From MD to Patient Advocate

As a trained medical doctor I understand how doctors think. I also understand that the current healthcare system and environment we find ourselves in is not ideal. Individuals require additional support to navigate the “doctor-patient” relationship and to ensure that someone always has the patient’s interest top of mind. With me at your side you can be confident that you will be listened to, that your questions will be answered, and that you will have full understanding of the treatment options and decisions your doctor is recommending. My name is Michael Yudelevich, and I am a Board Certified Patient Advocate serving individuals with care and compassion.

As a Patient Advocate, my main role is to serve as a liaison between individuals and the healthcare system, all the while offering guidance, support, and education along the way. Over the course of my career, I have supported thousands of patients in various medical scenarios, working alongside them to navigate insurance and billing, providing medical guidance, and offering care management solutions.

I have always had a passion for helping people, and becoming a Patient Advocate has allowed me to use my skills and medical expertise to do just that. I find joy in connecting with new people and discovering new places. Together with my wife, we stay active with our four kids by playing on the beach, exploring nature’s wonders, and cherishing the moments we share together!

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and understand your current situation. My intention is to listen to you carefully, understand your personal situation, and provide my expertise and guidance to find a positive solution for you and your loved ones. I believe that with every individual I support, I am making a positive impact, and that is what drives me each day.


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Patient Advocacy Services

  • A personalized approach to each individual’s needs.
  • I build effective relationships with providers to support your optimal outcomes.
  • Research and identify treatment options.
  • Support patients with insurance billing and medical bill negotiation.

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